First aid trainings

Skills, what gives you a confidence!

Skills matters! Invest into your employee’s safety – learn first aid!

Looking for first aid training for your employees?

Then you are in the right place! We train pre-assembled groups ranging from 10 to 24 people in the client’s premises. (Smaller groups are also possible, but the cost of the training remains the same.) We do not provide training for individuals seeking certification for driving school, firearms license, or coach-level upgrades.

Practical training
Our training consists of 50% lecture format and 50% practical tasks. We teach how to react effectively in situations where every moment counts. Our mission is to impart knowledge and skills to individuals, not just to issue first aid certificates.
We are saving your time
We are coming to your company, what makes training enviroment for your employees even more comfortable and time effefficiency.
Skilled lectors
Our trainers are active specialists in emergency medicine. They can provide real-life examples and offer practical guidance on how to effectively assist oneself and others. Our trainers renew their first aid instructor license with the Estonian Red Cross every 3 years
We take into account the specificity of the group.
We have also developed first aid training formats for specific target groups, such as first aid in childcare facilities, first aid in sports facilities, and first aid in construction.
You don’t feel bordom in our trainings!
We utilize role-playing, simulations, problem-based learning methods, and group work as practical exercises. The trainer employs illustrated presentations, adult and pediatric CPR manikins, silicone trauma moulages, and AED training devices during the sessions.
Flexible prices
First aid training 16 academic hours: starting from €1000 First aid refresher training 6 academic hours: starting from €600 Professional group-oriented first aid training 8 academic hours: starting from €700


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