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We explain the nature of first aid, the regulations applicable in Estonia, the process of becoming a first aider, and the associated responsibilities.

We consider the target audience of the training, their previous preparation, and the potential risks of institutions. We teach to see the bigger picture.

We are flexible in pricing. We take into account the client’s preferences and budget.

We issue certificates valid both in Estonia and internationally. We manage an archive of first aid trained individuals (who, when, and to what extent they have received first aid training), provide duplicate certificates when necessary, and remind institutions of the expiration dates of certificates.

First Aid – The skill what can save lives

First aid main course

Basic first aid training, 16 academic hours, what will cover all the main fields of first aid

Advanced trainig

Advanced training of first aid, duration 8 academic hours

First Aid at construction sites

Training is specialized to main emergency situations what can happen in construction site

First aid training for hikers

What to do when you get an injury during a hike? How to take care for you, and your cohikers

First aid for health facilities

Training is directed for health centers


We offer many excercises, what can take place either indoor and outdoor. We have an excellent simulation crew to simulate different situations, and first aid cases